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30-minute BI results

Seamless connectivity

Suite of interconnected technologies

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Fast BI results with a network-ready reader

The speed to meet operating room demands for turnaround by providing results in 30 minutes

STERRAD VELOCITY delivers BI results in just 30 minutes. Featuring touchscreen technology and a smart BI, it is also fully integrated with all the latest features of STERRAD® System sterilizers.

  • Fast instrument turnaround
  • Smart BI system
  • Advanced optical measurement technology
  • Engineered to be easy to use

Rapid confirmation of BI results upon completion of STERRAD® System sterilization cycles

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30-minute BI results with STERRAD VELOCITY

Fast instrument turnaround

  • 30-minute results enable healthcare facilities to reduce the risk of releasing instruments prior to BI confirmation
STERRAD VELOCITY advanced 30 minute BI

Smart BI

  • Built-in chemical indicator for quick identification of processed versus unprocessed BIs
  • Barcode data electronically stores serial number, lot number, and expiration date
  • Simple push-cap activation
  • Spore disc contains Geobacillus stearothermophilus
Advanced BI reading with STERRAD VELOCITY

Optical-fluorescence technology

  • Eliminates subjectivity of visual interpretation of results
BI reader touchscreen on STERRAD VELOCITY

Engineered to be easy to use

  • Connectivity to ASP ACCESS Technology and STERRAD® Systems
  • Onscreen step-by-step instructions help ensure correct operation
  • Touchscreen input of BI, sterilizer, and load information
  • Simple, easy-to-read countdown timers for each well
  • Audible and visual alerts help to rapidly signal staff in the event of a positive BI

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STERRAD VELOCITY BI results and STERRAD® Systems cycle records are correlated automatically via ASP ACCESS Technology.

BI reader scanning on STERRAD VELOCITY

BI scanning capabilities

BIs with barcodes can be scanned at your STERRAD® System with ALLClear Technology before the sterilization cycle, and at the STERRAD VELOCITY Reader after the cycle.

Connection to ASP ACCESS enhances compliance

Enhanced compliance*

ASP ACCESS Technology enables automated correlation of sterilization cycle and BI result:

  • Transfer data to other devices
  • Reduce the need of manual record keeping
  • Trace positive BIs back to the relevant STERRAD® sterilizer and processed instruments

*STERRAD VELOCITY Biological Indicator System has features that may enhance compliance, including BI reminders per hospital policy, and improved record handling and record keeping.

Drive compliance in your CSSD with the suite of interconnected technologies from ASP

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Discover compliance made simple*

Connect STERRAD® Systems with ALLClear Technology and STERRAD VELOCITY Biological Indicator System to ASP ACCESS Technology to drive productivity and enhance compliance*

  • Seamlessly communicate information across devices
  • Enhance compliance automatically
  • Keep data audit-ready and easy to access
  • Connect to ITS and hospital networks

*STERRAD VELOCITY Biological Indicator System, ASP ACCESS technology, and STERRAD® Systems with ALLClear Technology have features that may enhance compliance, including BI reminders per hospital policy, and on-screen reinforcement of user training.

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